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Bless Ok, Accept, Acknowledge, Admire, Adore, Adulate, Apotheosize, Approve, Approve Of, Arm, Armor, Beatify, Belaud, Bepraise, Bless The Lord, Bless With, Blow Up, Boast Of, Brag About, Canonize, Celebrate, Champion, Cheer, Cleanse, Cloak, Compass About, Compliment, Congratulate, Consecrate, Copyright, Countenance, Cover, Credit, Cross, Cry Up, Cushion, Dedicate, Defend, Deify, Devote, Dower, Doxologize, Emblazon, Endorse, Endow, Endow With, Enshrine, Ensure, Esteem, Eulogize, Exalt, Extol, Favor, Favor With, Felicitate, Fence, Fend, Flatter, Furnish, Give, Give Benediction, Give Credit, Give Thanks, Gladden, Glorify, Glorify The Lord, Grace, Grace With, Gratulate, Guarantee, Guard, Hallow, Happify, Harbor, Haven, Hero-Worship, Hold With, Hymn, Idolize, Insure, Invest, Invoke Benefits Upon, Keep, Keep From Harm, Keep In Countenance, Laud, Lay Hands On, Lionize, Magnify, Make Acknowledgments Of, Make Happy, Make Much Of, Make Safe, Nestle, Offer Thanks, Overpraise, Panegyrize, Patent, Pay Tribute, Police, Porter Aux Nues, Praise, Praise God, Protect, Provide, Puff, Puff Up, Purify, Recognize, Register, Rejoice With, Render Credit, Render Thanks, Respect, Return Thanks, Revere, Ride Shotgun For, Safeguard, Saint, Salute, Sanctify, Sanction, Screen, Secure, Set Apart, Settle On, Settle Upon, Shelter, Shield, Shroud, Sing Praises, Supply, Take Kindly To, Thank, Think Well Of, Trumpet, Underwrite, Uphold, Vest, Vest With, View With Favor