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Blessing Godspeed, Ok, Acceptance, Accord, Acquiescence, Act Of Grace, Act Of Kindness, Adherence, Admiration, Advantage, Affirmation, Affirmative, Affirmative Voice, Agreement, Approbation, Approval, Assent, Asset, Avail, Aye, Beatification, Beatitude, Behalf, Behoof, Benedicite, Benediction, Benefaction, Benefit, Benevolence, Benignity, Benison, Best Wishes, Blessedness, Boon, Bounty, Break, Canonization, Compliance, Compliment, Congratulation, Connivance, Consecration, Consent, Countenance, Courtesy, Dedication, Devotion, Eagerness, Endorsement, Enshrinement, Esteem, Exaltation, Favor, Favorable Vote, Felicitation, Felicity, Fluke, Fortunateness, Fortune, Gain, Gift, Glorification, Godsend, Good, Good Deed, Good Fortune, Good Luck, Good Offices, Good Turn, Good Wishes, Grace, Gratulation, Hallowing, Happy Fortune, Help, Interest, Invocation, Justification, Justification By Works, Kind Deed, Kind Offices, Kindly Act, Kindness, Labor Of Love, Loaves And Fishes, Luck, Luckiness, Lucky Break, Lucky Strike, Manna, Manna From Heaven, Mercy, Mitzvah, Nod, Obligation, Office, Okay, Permission, Prayer, Profit, Promptitude, Promptness, Purification, Ratification, Readiness, Respect, Run Of Luck, Sainthood, Sainting, Sanctification, Sanction, Seal Of Approval, Service, Setting Apart, Smiles Of Fortune, Stamp Of Approval, State Of Grace, Streak Of Luck, Stroke Of Luck, Submission, Thanks, Thanksgiving, The Breaks, Turn, Ungrudgingness, Unloathness, Unreluctance, Valediction, Voice, Vote, Welfare, Well-Being, Willingness, World Of Good, Yea, Yea Vote