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Blinders Authoritarianism, Back Band, Backstrap, Bearing Rein, Bellyband, Bigotry, Bit, Blind Side, Blind Spot, Blindfold, Blinds, Blinkers, Breeching, Bridle, Caparison, Cavesson, Checkrein, Cheekpiece, Chinband, Cinch, Closed Mind, Collar, Cramped Ideas, Crownband, Crupper, Curb, Eye Patch, Fanaticism, Gag Swivel, Girth, Hackamore, Halter, Hames, Hametugs, Harness, Headgear, Headstall, Hideboundness, Hip Straps, Illiberality, Insularism, Insularity, Jaquima, Jerk Line, Lines, Little-Mindedness, Littleness, Martingale, Mean Mind, Meanness, Narrow Sympathies, Narrow Views, Narrow-Mindedness, Narrowness, Nearsightedness, Noseband, Odium Theologicum, Parochialism, Pettiness, Petty Mind, Pole Strap, Provincialism, Purblindness, Reins, Ribbons, Saddle, Shaft Tug, Shortsightedness, Shut Mind, Side Check, Smallness, Snaffle, Straitlacedness, Stuffiness, Surcingle, Tack, Tackle, Trappings, Tug, Uncatholicity, Winker Braces, Yoke