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Blink Albedo, Avoid, Bat, Bat The Eyes, Blench, Blink At, Blinking, Broken, Carefully Ignore, Cast, Cold-Shoulder, Coruscate, Coruscation, Cringe, Cut A Corner, Cut Corners, Disregard, Dodge, Draw Back, Duck, Evade, Fade, Fall Back, Firefly, Flash, Flicker, Flinch, Fudge, Funk, Glance, Gleam, Glimmer, Glimmering, Glimpse, Glisk, Glisten, Glister, Glitter, Glittering, Glowworm, Half An Eye, Hang Back, Ice Sky, Iceblink, Ignore, In Disrepair, Incident Light, Jib, Move, Nictitate, On The Blink, On The Fritz, Out Of Order, Out Of Whack, Overlook, Pass Over, Pass Over Lightly, Peek, Peep, Pull Back, Quail, Quick Sight, Rapid Glance, Recoil, Reel Back, Reflectance, Reflection, Retreat, Scamp, Scintilla, Scintillate, Scintillation, Sheer Off, Shimmer, Shimmering, Shrink, Shrink Back, Shy, Sidestep, Skim, Skim Over, Skim The Surface, Skimp, Skip Over, Slant, Slight, Slubber Over, Slur, Slur Over, Snowblink, Spangle, Spark, Sparkle, Squiz, Start, Start Aside, Start Back, Stroboscopic Light, Swerve, Tinsel, Touch Upon, Touch Upon Lightly, Turn Aside, Twinkle, Twinkling, Water Sky, Waterblink, Weasel, Weasel Out, Wince, Wink, Wink At