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Blobby Aleatoric, Aleatory, Amorphic, Amorphous, Anarchic, Baggy, Blurred, Blurry, Broad, Chance, Chancy, Chaotic, Characterless, Confused, Disordered, Disorderly, Featureless, Foggy, Formless, Fuzzy, General, Hazy, Hit-Or-Miss, Ill-Defined, Imprecise, Inaccurate, Inchoate, Incoherent, Indecisive, Indefinable, Indefinite, Indeterminable, Indeterminate, Indistinct, Inexact, Inform, Kaleidoscopic, Lax, Loose, Lumpen, Misty, Nondescript, Nonspecific, Obscure, Orderless, Random, Shadowed Forth, Shadowy, Shapeless, Stochastic, Sweeping, Unclear, Undefined, Undestined, Undetermined, Unordered, Unorganized, Unplain, Unspecified, Vague, Veiled