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Bloodlust Acuteness, Animality, Atrociousness, Atrocity, Barbarity, Barbarousness, Beastliness, Bestiality, Bloodiness, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirstiness, Bloody-Mindedness, Brutality, Brutalness, Brutishness, Cannibalism, Cruelness, Cruelty, Destructiveness, Extremity, Ferociousness, Ferocity, Fiendishness, Fierceness, Force, Furiousness, Harshness, Impetuosity, Inclemency, Inhumaneness, Inhumanity, Intensity, Malignity, Mercilessness, Mindlessness, Murderousness, Pitilessness, Rigor, Roughness, Ruthlessness, Sadism, Sadistic Cruelty, Sanguineousness, Savagery, Severity, Sharpness, Terrorism, Truculence, Ungentleness, Vandalism, Vehemence, Venom, Viciousness, Violence, Virulence, Wanton Cruelty