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Blotchy Besmirched, Bespangled, Bespeckled, Blotched, Dingy, Dirty, Dotted, Dotty, Flea-Bitten, Flecked, Fleckered, Frecked, Freckle-Faced, Freckled, Freckly, Fuliginous, Grimy, Macular, Maculate, Maculated, Muddy, Murky, Patchy, Peppered, Pocked, Pockmarked, Pocky, Pointille, Pointillistic, Polka-Dot, Punctated, Smirched, Smoky, Smudgy, Smutty, Sooty, Spangled, Spattered, Specked, Speckled, Speckledy, Speckly, Splashed, Splattered, Splotched, Splotchy, Spotted, Spotty, Sprinkled, Stippled, Studded