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Blow Hot And Cold Alternate, Around The Bush, Back And Fill, Beat About, Beg The Question, Bicker, Boggle, Cavil, Change, Chop And Change, Choplogic, Dither, Dodge, Ebb And Flow, Equivocate, Evade, Evade The Issue, Fence, Flounder, Fluctuate, Go Through Phases, Hedge, Mystify, Nitpick, Obscure, Oscillate, Palter, Parry, Pendulate, Pick Nits, Prevaricate, Pussyfoot, Quibble, Ring The Changes, Seesaw, Shift, Shilly-Shally, Shuffle, Shy, Sidestep, Split Hairs, Stagger, Sway, Swing, Teeter, Teeter-Totter, Tergiversate, Totter, Turn, Vacillate, Vary, Waver, Wax And Wane, Wobble