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Blow Out Backfire, Belch, Blast, Blow, Blow Open, Blow Up, Break Out, Burst, Burst Forth, Burst Out, Bust, Cast Forth, Choke, Clean Out, Clear, Clear Away, Clear Off, Clear Out, Clear The Decks, Damp, Debouch, Decant, Defecate, Deplete, Detonate, Discharge, Disembogue, Disgorge, Douse, Drain, Drain Out, Ejaculate, Eject, Eliminate, Empty, Empty Out, Eruct, Erupt, Evacuate, Exhaust, Expel, Explode, Extinguish, Extravasate, Find Vent, Fire, Flow, Flow Out, Fulminate, Go Off, Gush, Gush Out, Hurl Forth, Jet, Let Off, Out, Outflow, Outpour, Pour, Pour Forth, Pour Out, Purge, Put Out, Quench, Remove, Run Out, Scour Out, Send Forth, Send Out, Set Off, Shoot, Slack, Sluice Out, Smother, Snuff, Snuff Out, Spew, Spew Out, Spout, Spout Out, Spurt, Squirt, Stamp Out, Stifle, Surge, Sweep Out, Throw Out, Touch Off, Unclog, Unfoul, Vent, Void, Vomit, Vomit Forth, Well, Well Out