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Blow Up Accelerate, Add To, Adulate, Aggrandize, Aggravate, Amplify, Annoy, Apotheosize, Arouse, Augment, Awake, Awaken, Backfire, Be Angry, Be Excitable, Beef Up, Belaud, Belie, Bellow, Bepraise, Blast, Bless, Blitz, Bloat, Blow, Blow A Fuse, Blow A Gasket, Blow A Hurricane, Blow Great Guns, Blow Out, Blow Over, Blow Sky-High, Blow The Coals, Blow To Pieces, Blow Up, Blueprint, Bluster, Boast Of, Boil, Boil Over, Bomb, Bombard, Brag About, Brain, Breeze, Breeze Up, Brew, Bring Down, Bristle, Broaden, Build, Build Up, Bulk, Bulk Out, Burn, Burn To Death, Burst, Bust, Call Forth, Call Up, Catch Fire, Catch The Infection, Celebrate, Come Apart, Come To Nothing, Come Up, Complicate, Concentrate, Condense, Consolidate, Crescendo, Cry Up, Cut Down, Cut To Pieces, Deal A Deathblow, Deepen, Deflate, Deify, Detonate, Develop, Dilate, Discharge, Disconfirm, Discredit, Disintegrate, Disprove, Distend, Double, Drop, Emblazon, Enhance, Enkindle, Enlarge, Enrage, Eulogize, Exacerbate, Exaggerate, Exalt, Excite, Excite Easily, Expand, Explode, Expose, Extend, Extol, Fail Miserably, Fan, Fan The Fire, Fan The Flame, Feed The Fire, Fell, Fire, Fire Up, Fizz Out, Fizzle, Fizzle Out, Flame, Flame Up, Flare Up, Flash Up, Flatter, Flip, Fly Out, Foment, Frag, Frenzy, Freshen, Fulminate, Fume, Gather, Get Excited, Get Nowhere, Give The Quietus, Glorify, Go Into Hysterics, Go Off, Go Phut, Gun Down, Hang Up, Have A Tantrum, Heat, Heat Up, Heighten, Hero-Worship, Hike, Hike Up, Hit The Ceiling, Hop Up, Hot Up, Huff, Idolize, Impassion, Incense, Incinerate, Incite, Increase, Inflame, Inflate, Infuriate, Intensify, Invalidate, Jazz Up, Jugulate, Key Up, Kindle, Lapidate, Lather Up, Laud, Lay Low, Let Off, Light The Fuse, Light Up, Lionize, Madden, Magnify, Make Complex, Make Much Of, Mine, Misfire, Move, Mushroom, Negate, Negative, Overexcite, Overpraise, Panegyrize, Pay Tribute, Pipe Up, Pistol, Poleax, Poop Out, Porter Aux Nues, Praise, Print, Process, Prove The Contrary, Puff, Puff Up, Pump, Pump Up, Puncture, Rage, Raise, Ramify, Ramp, Rant, Rant And Rave, Rarefy, Rave, Redouble, Reinforce, Riddle, Rouse, Run A Temperature, Salute, Seethe, Set Astir, Set Fire To, Set In, Set Off, Set On Fire, Sharpen, Shoot, Shoot Down, Shoot To Death, Shotgun, Show Up, Silence, Smolder, Soup Up, Spring, Squall, Stab To Death, Steam Up, Step Up, Stir, Stir The Blood, Stir The Embers, Stir The Feelings, Stir Up, Stone, Stone To Death, Storm, Strengthen, Stretch, Strike Dead, Sufflate, Summon Up, Swell, Take Fire, Touch Off, Triple, Trumpet, Turn A Hair, Turn On, Undercut, Up, Vaporize, Waft, Wake, Wake Up, Waken, Warm, Warm The Blood, Whet, Whiff, Whiffle, Whip Up, Widen, Work Into, Work Up