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Blowout Kaffeeklatsch, Lucullan Feast, Mardi Gras, Saturnalia, Backfire, Ball, Bang, Banquet, Bash, Bean-Feast, Beano, Blast, Blow, Blowup, Boom, Burst, Carnival, Cocktail Party, Coffee Klatch, Costume Party, Detonation, Dinner, Dinner Party, Discharge, Disgorgement, Do, Donation Party, Ejaculation, Emission, Entertainment, Eructation, Eruption, Explosion, Expulsion, Extravasation, Fair, Feast, Festal Board, Festival, Festive Occasion, Festivity, Fete, Field Day, Fiesta, Flare, Flash, Fulguration, Fulmination, Gala, Gala Affair, Gala Day, Garden Party, Great Doings, Groaning Board, Hen Party, High Jinks, House Party, House-Raising, Housewarming, Jamboree, Jet, Kermis, Lawn Party, Mask, Masque, Masquerade, Masquerade Party, Outburst, Outpour, Party, Picnic, Report, Shindig, Shindy, Shower, Smoker, Spout, Spurt, Squirt, Stag, Stag Party, Surprise Party, Waygoose, Wayzgoose