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Blowup Photostat, Xerox, Xerox Copy, Accelerando, Acceleration, Access, Aggravation, Backfire, Bang, Beefing-Up, Blast, Blaze Of Temper, Blowing Up, Blowout, Blueprint, Boom, Burst, Concentration, Condensation, Consolidation, Contact Printing, Cyanotype, Deepening, Detonation, Discharge, Enhancement, Enlargement, Eruption, Exacerbation, Exaggeration, Explosion, Flare, Flare-Up, Flash, Fulguration, Fulmination, Glossy, Heating-Up, Heightening, High Words, Hologram, Information Explosion, Intensification, Lantern Slide, Magnification, Matte, Microcopy, Microprint, Outburst, Photocopy, Photogravure, Photostatic Copy, Pickup, Population Explosion, Positive, Print, Projection Printing, Redoubling, Reinforcement, Report, Scene, Semi-Matte, Slide, Speedup, Step-Up, Storm, Strengthening, Tightening, Transparency