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Bombastic Latinate, Aureate, Awkward, Big, Bloated, Cramped, Cumbrous, Declamatory, Elephantine, Euphuistic, Extravagant, Flatulent, Flowery, Forced, Formal, Fustian, Gassy, Grandiloquent, Grandiose, Guinde, Halting, Heavy, High-Flown, High-Swelling, Highfalutin, Highfaluting, Inflated, Inkhorn, Labored, Leaden, Lumbering, Magniloquent, Mouthy, Overblown, Pompous, Ponderous, Pontifical, Pretentious, Self-Important, Sesquipedalian, Solemn, Sonorous, Stiff, Stilted, Stuffy, Swollen, Tall, Tumescent, Tumid, Turgescent, Turgid, Unwieldy, Windy