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Bony Angular, Bone, Cement, Cemental, Concrete, Corneous, Dense, Diamondlike, Dure, Flat, Flat-Chested, Fleshless, Flintlike, Flinty, Gangling, Gangly, Gaunt, Gawky, Granitelike, Granitic, Hard, Hard As Nails, Hardhearted, Horny, Iron-Hard, Ironlike, Lank, Lanky, Lapideous, Lean, Lean-Fleshed, Lean-Looking, Lithoid, Lithoidal, Marble, Marblelike, Meager, Obdurate, Osseous, Ossicular, Ossiferous, Ossified, Osteal, Rawboned, Resistant, Resistive, Rocklike, Rocky, Scraggy, Scrawny, Skeletal, Skinny, Solid, Spare, Spidery, Spindling, Spindly, Steellike, Steely, Stonelike, Stony, Thin-Bellied, Thin-Fleshed, Tough, Twiggy, Undersized, Underweight