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Booster Comsat, Intelsat, Syncom, Telstar, Adherent, Admirer, Amateur, Antitoxin, Applauder, Appreciator, Bag, Bang, Blind, Body Snatcher, Bonnet, Booster Amplifiers, Booster Dose, Booster Rocket, Booster Shot, Boosters, Buff, Capper, Chicken Thief, Claqueur, Collector, Commender, Communication Satellite, Con Man, Crook, Deck, Den Of Thieves, Devotee, Dilettante, Dose, Draft, Dropping, Drug Packet, Embezzler, Encomiast, Eulogist, Eulogizer, Extoller, Fan, Fancier, Filcher, Fix, Follower, Ganef, Ghoul, Grafter, Grave Robber, Groupie, Hit, Hypodermic, Hypodermic Injection, Idolater, Idolizer, Injection, Inoculation, Jet Injection, Jewel Thief, Land Pirate, Land Shark, Land-Grabber, Larcener, Larcenist, Lauder, Lifter, Mainlining, Multistage Rocket, Narcotic Injection, Narcotic Shot, Overdose, Panegyrist, Peculator, Petty Thief, Pilferer, Plugger, Poacher, Popping, Portion, Potion, Praiser, Promoter, Prowler, Puffer, Purloiner, Relay Links, Robber, Rooter, Scrounger, Shill, Shooting Up, Shoplifter, Shot, Single-Stage Rocket, Skin-Popping, Sneak Thief, Stealer, Step Rocket, Stick, Stratovision, Swindler, Thief, Three-Stage Rocket, Tout, Touter, Vaccination, Vaccine, Votary, White-Collar Thief, Worshiper