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Bore Acupunctuation, Acupuncture, Aggravation, Annoyance, Auger, Bad News, Be Tedious, Bedevilment, Billow, Bite, Bore Stiff, Bore To Death, Bore To Distraction, Bore To Tears, Boring, Bother, Botheration, Bothersomeness, Breakers, Broach, Burrow, Buttonhole, Buttonholer, Caliber, Chop, Choppiness, Chopping Sea, Comb, Comber, Countersink, Crashing Bore, Delve, Devilment, Diameter, Difficulty, Dig, Dig Out, Dike, Dirty Water, Discompose, Discontent, Disquiet, Dogging, Downer, Drag, Dredge, Drill, Drill Hole, Drip, Drive, Dryasdust, Dusty, Eagre, Empierce, Empiercement, Ennui, Exasperation, Excavate, Exhaust, Fix, Fixing, Flat Tire, Frightful Bore, Furrow, Gape, Gaup, Gawk, Glare, Gloat, Goggle, Gore, Goring, Gouge, Gouge Out, Gravity Wave, Groove, Ground Swell, Grub, Harassment, Harrying, Headache, Heave, Heavy Sea, Heavy Swell, Hole, Hollow Out, Honeycomb, Hounding, Humdrum, Impale, Impalement, Jade, Lance, Lancing, Leave Unsatisfied, Lift, Lop, Lower, Mine, Molestation, Needle, Nuisance, Pall, Peak, Peer, Penetrate, Penetration, Perforate, Perforation, Persecution, Pest, Pierce, Piercing, Pill, Pink, Popple, Prick, Pricking, Problem, Proser, Punch, Punching, Puncture, Puncturing, Quarry, Radius, Ream, Ream Out, Riddle, Riffle, Ripple, Rise, Roll, Roller, Rough Water, Run Through, Sap, Scend, Scoop, Scoop Out, Scrabble, Scrape, Scratch, Sea, Semidiameter, Send, Send To Sleep, Shovel, Sink, Skewer, Skewering, Spade, Spear, Spike, Spit, Stab, Stare, Stick, Surf, Surge, Swell, Tap, Terebration, Tidal Bore, Tidal Wave, Tide Wave, Tire, Transfix, Transfixation, Transfixion, Transforation, Transpierce, Trench, Trepan, Trepanning, Trephine, Trephining, Trial, Trouble, Trough, Tsunami, Tunnel, Twaddler, Undulation, Vexation, Vexatiousness, Water Wave, Wave, Wavelet, Wear Out, Weary, Wet Blanket, White Horses, Whitecaps, Worriment, Worry