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Botched Blighted, Bungled, Bungling, Butchered, Clumsy, Deficient, Destroyed, Fumbled, Half-Assed, Haphazard, Hit-And-Miss, Hit-Or-Miss, Ill-Advised, Ill-Considered, Ill-Contrived, Ill-Devised, Ill-Done, Ill-Executed, Ill-Managed, Impolitic, Marred, Messy, Misconducted, Misdirected, Misguided, Mismanaged, Muffed, Murdered, Negligent, Promiscuous, Ruined, Slipshod, Slipshoddy, Sloppy, Slovenly, Sluttish, Spoiled, Spoilt, Untidy, Wrecked