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Bourgeois Babbitt, Babbittish, Cockney, Everyman, John Smith, Middle American, Philistine, Accordant, Anal, Anal Character, Arriviste, Average, Average Man, Big-City Man, Boor, Bounder, Burgess, Burgher, Cad, Campy, Capitalist, Churl, City Dweller, City Man, City Slicker, Clown, Common, Common Man, Commoner, Commonplace, Compulsive, Compulsive Character, Concordant, Conformer, Conformist, Conventional, Conventionalist, Corresponding, Epicier, Exurbanite, Formalist, Formalistic, Free-Enterprise, Garden, Garden-Variety, General, Greedy, Groundling, Guttersnipe, Harmonious, High-Camp, Homely, Homespun, Hooligan, Ill-Bred Fellow, In Accord, In Keeping, In Line, In Step, Individualistic, Kitschy, Kosher, Little Fellow, Little Man, Looby, Lout, Low Fellow, Low-Camp, Materialistic, Methodologist, Middle-Class, Middle-Class Type, Model Child, Money-Hungry, Mucker, No Great Shakes, Nonsocialistic, Normal, Nouveau Riche, Oppidan, Ordinary, Organization Man, Orthodox, Parrot, Parvenu, Peasant, Pedant, Pedantic, Perfectionist, Philistine, Plastic, Plastic Person, Pleb, Plebeian, Pop, Popular, Precisian, Precisianist, Precisianistic, Private-Enterprise, Proletarian, Propertied, Public, Regular, Ribald, Roturier, Rough, Roughneck, Rowdy, Ruffian, Run-Of-Mine, Run-Of-The-Mill, Sheep, Square, Straight, Stuffy, Suburban, Suburbanite, Teenybopper, Townee, Towner, Townfolk, Townfolks, Townsman, Townspeople, Townswoman, Traditionalist, Trimmer, Unexceptional, Unnoteworthy, Unremarkable, Unspectacular, Upstart, Uptight, Urbanite, Usual, Vernacular, Villager, Villageress, Vulgarian, Vulgarist, Working-Class, Yes-Man, Yokel