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Boyish Adolescent, Airy, Attenuate, Attenuated, Beardless, Boylike, Calflike, Childish, Childlike, Coltish, Delicate, Diaphanous, Diluted, Ethereal, Fine, Fine-Drawn, Finespun, Flimsy, Frail, Gauzy, Girlish, Girllike, Gossamer, Gracile, Immature, Insubstantial, Juvenile, Kiddish, Lacy, Light, Maiden, Maidenly, Misty, Papery, Puerile, Puplike, Puppyish, Puppylike, Rare, Rarefied, Slender, Slenderish, Slight, Slight-Made, Slim, Slimmish, Slinky, Small, Subtle, Svelte, Sylphlike, Tenuous, Thin, Thin-Bodied, Thin-Set, Thin-Spun, Thinnish, Threadlike, Vague, Wasp-Waisted, Watered, Watered-Down, Watery, Weak, Willowy, Wiredrawn, Wispy, Young, Youthful