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Brain Vernunft, Abdomen, Acumen, Afferent Neuron, Anus, Appendix, Autonomic Nervous System, Axon, Bean, Blind Gut, Blow To Pieces, Blow Up, Bowels, Brains, Bring Down, Burn To Death, Capacity, Cecum, Central Nervous System, Cerebral Cortex, Cognition, Colon, Conception, Consciousness, Craniosacral Nervous System, Cut Down, Cut To Pieces, Deal A Deathblow, Dendrite, Discernment, Discourse Of Reason, Discursive Reason, Disintegrate, Drop, Duodenum, Effector Organ, Efferent Neuron, Encephalon, Endocardium, Entrails, Esprit, Fell, Foregut, Frag, Ganglion, Genius, Giblets, Give The Quietus, Gizzard, Gray Matter, Gun Down, Guts, Head, Headpiece, Heart, Hindgut, Imagination, Incinerate, Innards, Inner Mechanism, Insides, Intellect, Intellection, Intellectual, Intellectual Faculty, Intelligence, Internals, Internuncial Neuron, Intestine, Inwards, Jejunum, Jugulate, Kidney, Kishkes, Knowledge, Lapidate, Large Intestine, Lay Low, Leader, Liver, Liver And Lights, Lung, Mastermind, Medullary Sheath, Mens, Mental Capacity, Mentality, Midgut, Mind, Mother Wit, Nerve, Nerve Trunk, Nervous System, Neuron, Noddle, Noggin, Noodle, Nous, Organ Of Thought, Pate, Perception, Perceptiveness, Percipience, Perineum, Peripheral Nervous System, Perspicacity, Pistol, Planner, Plexus, Poleax, Power Of Reason, Psyche, Pump, Pylorus, Ratio, Rationality, Reason, Reasoning, Reasoning Faculty, Rectum, Riddle, Sagacity, Sconce, Seat Of Thought, Sensation, Sense, Sensorium, Sensory, Sensory Area, Sensory Cell, Shoot, Shoot Down, Shoot To Death, Shotgun, Silence, Small Intestine, Smarts, Solar Plexus, Spinal Cord, Spleen, Stab To Death, Stomach, Stone, Stone To Death, Strike Dead, Synapse, Thoracolumbar Nervous System, Thought, Ticker, Tripes, Understanding, Vaporize, Vermiform Appendix, Viscera, Vitals, White Matter, Wisdom, Wise Man, Wit, Works