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Brainless Apish, Asinine, Batty, Befooled, Beguiled, Besotted, Buffoonish, Cockeyed, Crazy, Credulous, Daffy, Daft, Dazed, Dizzy, Doting, Dumb, Empty-Headed, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Featherbrained, Featherheaded, Flaky, Fluttery, Fond, Fool, Foolheaded, Foolish, Frivolous, Fuddled, Futile, Gaga, Giddy, Giddy-Brained, Giddy-Headed, Giddy-Pated, Giddy-Witted, Goofy, Gulled, Harebrain, Harebrained, Headless, Idiotic, Ignorant, Imbecile, Inane, Inept, Infatuated, Insane, Insensate, Irrational, Kooky, Lackbrained, Lean-Minded, Lean-Witted, Loony, Mad, Maudlin, Mindless, Moronic, Nitwitted, Not Bright, Nutty, Of Little Brain, Pea-Brained, Pin-Brained, Rattlebrained, Rattleheaded, Rattlepated, Reasonless, Sappy, Scatterbrained, Scramblebrained, Screwy, Senseless, Sentimental, Shatterbrained, Silly, Slackminded, Slackwitted, Stupid, Thoughtless, Ungifted, Unintellectual, Unintelligent, Unreasoning, Untalented, Unthinking, Unwise, Unwitty, Wacky, Weak-Minded, Wet, Witless