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Brainstorm Absurd Idea, Afebrile Delirium, Automatic Response, Blind Impulse, Boutade, Brain Wave, Brainchild, Bright Idea, Bright Thought, Brilliant Idea, Capriccio, Caprice, Conceit, Crank, Craze, Crazy Idea, Crotchet, Deliriousness, Delirium, Drive, Fad, Fancy, Fantastic Notion, Fantasy, Flash, Fleeting Impulse, Flimflam, Fool Notion, Freak, Freakish Inspiration, Good Idea, Gut Response, Harebrained Idea, Humor, Impulse, Incoherence, Inspiration, Instinct, Involuntary Impulse, Kink, Lingual Delirium, Maggot, Megrim, Natural Impulse, Notion, Passing Fancy, Quick Hunch, Quirk, Ranting, Raving, Reflex, Sudden Thought, Toy, Urge, Vagary, Wandering, Whim, Whim-Wham, Whimsy