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Branch L, V, Adolescent Stream, Affiliate, Affiliation, Affluent, Angle, Angle Off, Apparentation, Appendage, Arm, Arroyo, Bayou, Bear Off, Beck, Bend, Bifurcate, Billabong, Bine, Biotype, Birth, Bisect, Blood, Bloodline, Body, Booking Office, Bough, Bourn, Box Office, Bracket, Braided Stream, Branch Off, Branch Office, Branch Out, Branchedness, Branchiness, Breed, Brook, Brooklet, Burgeon, Burn, By Two, Cabinet, Cable Railway, Caste, Category, Chambers, Chancellery, Chancery, Change The Bearing, Channel, Chapter, Church, Clan, Class, Cleave, Closet, Cog Railway, Common Ancestry, Communion, Community, Confluent, Confluent Stream, Consanguinity, Consulate, Corporate Headquarters, Crank, Creek, Crick, Crook, Crotch, Crutch, Curve, Cut In Two, Deadwood, Delta, Den, Dendritic Drainage Pattern, Denomination, Depart From, Department, Deploy, Derivation, Descent, Detour, Deviate, Dichotomize, Digress, Dimidiate, Direct Line, Disperse, Distaff Side, Divagate, Divaricate, Diverge, Diversify, Divide, Division, Effluent, El, Elbow, Electric Railway, Elevated, Elevated Railway, Embankment, Embassy, Estate, Executive Office, Expand, Extend, Extraction, Faction, Family, Fan, Fan Out, Feeder, Feeder Line, Fellowship, Female Line, Filiation, Fission, Flagellum, Flare, Flowing Stream, Fluviation, Fork, Fresh, Freshet, Frond, Furcate, Furcula, Furculum, Genotype, Genus, Gill, Grade, Gravity-Operated Railway, Groin, Group, Grouping, Halve, Hand, Head, Heading, Headquarters, Heel, Home Office, Hook, Horse Railway, House, Imp, In Half, Inguen, Joint, Junction, Kill, Kin, Kingdom, Label, Lazy Stream, Leg, Legation, Level, Light Railroad, Limb, Line, Line Of Descent, Lineage, Link, Lobe, Lobule, Local, Lodge, Main Line, Main Office, Male Line, Meandering Stream, Member, Metro, Midchannel, Midstream, Millstream, Monorail, Moving Road, Navigable River, Office, Offset, Offshoot, Open, Open Up, Order, Organ, Organization, Outspread, Outstretch, Overgrow, Overrun, Part, Party, Persuasion, Phylum, Pigeonhole, Pinion, Position, Post, Predicament, Prong, Race, Racing Stream, Rack Railway, Rack-And-Pinion Railway, Rail, Rail Line, Railroad, Railway, Ramage, Ramification, Ramify, Rank, Rating, Religious Order, River, Rivulet, Roadbed, Roadway, Rubric, Run, Rundle, Runlet, Runnel, Runner, Sarment, Schism, School, Scion, Sect, Sectarism, Section, Seed, Segment, Sept, Series, Service, Set, Sheer, Shift, Shoot, Shop, Side, Sidetrack, Siding, Sike, Slip, Society, Spear, Spear Side, Species, Spill Stream, Spin-Off, Spindle Side, Splay, Split In Two, Spraddle, Sprangle, Sprawl, Spray, Spread, Spread Like Wildfire, Spread Out, Sprig, Sprit, Sprout, Spur, Station, Status, Stem, Stirps, Stock, Stolon, Strain, Stratum, Stream, Stream Action, Streamlet, Street Railway, Streetcar Line, Study, Subclass, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subfamily, Subgenus, Subgroup, Subkingdom, Suborder, Subsidiary, Subspecies, Subterranean River, Subtribe, Subway, Succession, Sucker, Superclass, Superfamily, Superorder, Superspecies, Swerve, Switch, Switchback, Sword Side, Tack, Tail, Tendril, Terminal, Terminus, Thallus, Ticket Office, Title, Track, Tram, Tramline, Transect, Trend, Trestle, Tribe, Tributary, Trident, Trifurcate, Trolley Line, Trunk, Trunk Line, Tube, Turn, Turn Aside, Turnout, Twig, Underground, Unfold, Variety, Vary, Veer, Version, Wadi, Watercourse, Waterway, Widen, Wing, Wishbone, Zag, Zig, Zigzag