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Break Down Afflict, Aggrieve, Alphabetize, Analyze, Anatomize, Anguish, Arrange, Assay, Assort, Bawl, Beat Down, Bend, Blow, Blow Down, Blubber, Boohoo, Break, Break Up, Bring Down, Bring Low, Bring To Tears, Bring To Terms, Bulldoze, Burn Down, Burn Out, Burst Into Tears, Cast Down, Catalog, Categorize, Cave In, Chop Down, Class, Classify, Codify, Collapse, Come To Naught, Come To Nothing, Conk Out, Conquer, Crack Up, Crumble, Crush, Cry, Cut Down, Cut Up, Decompose, Desolate, Digest, Disintegrate, Dissect, Dissolve In Tears, Divide, Draw Tears, Droop, Drop, Drop A Tear, Embitter, Faint, Fall Down, Fall Flat, Fall In, Fall Through, Fatigue, Fell, File, Fizzle Out, Flag, Flatten, Founder, Gasp, Get Bogged Down, Get Hung Up, Get Mired, Get Tired, Give Out, Go Haywire, Go Kaput, Go Wrong, Grade, Greet, Grieve, Group, Grow Weary, Humble, Humiliate, Index, Inundate, Jade, Knock Down, Knock Over, Level, List, Master, Molder, Mow Down, Oppress, Order, Overmaster, Overwhelm, Pack Up, Pant, Peg Out, Peter Out, Pigeonhole, Place, Play Out, Poop Out, Prostrate, Puff, Puff And Blow, Pull Down, Putrefy, Quell, Range, Rank, Rase, Rate, Raze, Reduce, Reduce To Elements, Resolve, Rot, Run Down, Run Out, Segment, Separate, Shed Tears, Sink, Smash, Snivel, Sob, Sorrow, Sort, Spoil, Steamroller, Subdivide, Subdue, Succumb, Suppress, Sway, Tabulate, Taint, Take Down, Tear Down, Throw Down, Tire, Topple, Topple Down, Topple Over, Torment, Totter, Trample Underfoot, Tread Underfoot, Turn, Type, Tyrannize, Unman, Weary, Weep, Wheeze, Whimper, Wilt