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Break Out Od, Arise, Be Born, Be Brought Down, Be Felled, Be Struck Down, Be Traumatized, Become, Belch, Blow Open, Blow Out, Break Loose, Break Through, Burst Forth, Burst Out, Catch, Catch Cold, Clear, Collapse, Come Down With, Come Forth, Come Out, Come To Be, Contract, Crop Up, Cut Loose, Debouch, Discharge, Disembarrass, Disembroil, Disengage, Disentangle, Disgorge, Disinvolve, Dislodge, Eject, Emerge, Eruct, Erupt, Exit, Explode, Extricate, Fever, Find Vent, Free, Get, Get Out, Get To Be, Go Into Shock, Have Origin, Hurl Forth, Irrupt, Issue, Issue Forth, Leak Out, Ooze Out, Originate, Overdose, Release, Rise, Run A Temperature, Run Out, Sicken, Spew, Spout, Spring Up, Take, Take Birth, Take Ill, Take Rise, Tear Loose, Unknot, Unravel, Unsnarl, Untangle, Vomit