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Break Up Ablate, Accommodate, Adapt, Adjust, Alter, Ameliorate, Amuse, Analyze, Anatomize, Assay, Atomize, Be In Stitches, Beguile, Better, Bite The Dust, Break, Break Down, Break Into Pieces, Break Open, Break To Pieces, Burst, Burst Into Laughter, Burst Out, Burst Out Laughing, Burst With Laughter, Bust A Gut, Cachinnate, Cackle, Canker, Change, Chortle, Chuckle, Come Apart, Come To Dust, Come Unstuck, Consume, Convert, Convulse, Corrode, Corrupt, Crack, Crack Up, Crash, Crow, Crumble, Crumble Into Dust, Crumble To Dust, Crunch, Crush, Cut To Pieces, Deactivate, Debrief, Decay, Decompose, Deform, Delight, Demob, Demobilize, Demolish, Denature, Detach, Differ, Differentiate, Diffuse, Disband, Discharge, Disintegrate, Disjoin, Disjoint, Dismiss, Disorganize, Dispel, Disperse, Disrupt, Dissect, Dissent, Dissever, Dissolve, Disunify, Disunite, Divaricate, Diverge, Diversify, Divert, Divide, Effloresce, Enliven, Entertain, Erode, Exhilarate, Fall, Fall Into Decay, Fall To Dust, Fall To Pieces, Fester, Fission, Fissure, Fit, Fracture, Fracture One, Fragment, Gangrene, Giggle, Give Away, Give Way, Go Bad, Go Into Convulsions, Go Separate Ways, Go To Pieces, Grain, Granulate, Grind, Guffaw, Ha-Ha, Hee-Haw, Hee-Hee, Ho-Ho, Horselaugh, Improve, Kill, Knock Dead, Laugh, Laugh It Up, Laugh Outright, Let Go, Loosen Up, Make Mincemeat Of, Meliorate, Mildew, Mince, Mitigate, Modify, Modulate, Mold, Molder, Mortify, Muster Out, Mutate, Nearly Die Laughing, Necrose, Overthrow, Part, Part Company, Powder, Pulverize, Putrefy, Putresce, Qualify, Raise A Laugh, Raise A Smile, Rankle, Re-Create, Realign, Rebuild, Reconstruct, Recreate, Redesign, Reduce, Reduce To Elements, Refit, Reform, Refresh, Regale, Relax, Release, Relieve, Remake, Renew, Reshape, Resolve, Restructure, Revamp, Revive, Ring The Changes, Roar, Roar With Laughter, Rot, Rupture, Scatter, Segment, Separate, Shake Like Jelly, Shake With Laughter, Shatter, Shift The Scene, Shiver, Shout, Shriek, Shuffle The Cards, Slay, Smash, Smash Up, Snap, Snicker, Snigger, Snort, Solace, Sphacelate, Splinter, Split, Split Up, Split With Laughter, Spoil, Spring A Leak, Squash, Squish, Start, Subdivide, Subvert, Sunder, Suppurate, Tee-Hee, Tickle, Titillate, Titter, Topple, Tumble, Turn The Scale, Turn The Tables, Turn The Tide, Turn Upside Down, Variate, Variegate, Vary, Waste Away, Wear Away, Work A Change, Worsen, Wow, Yuk-Yuk