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Breakage Abatement, Agio, Allowance, Bank Discount, Bankruptcy, Breach, Break, Breakdown, Burst, Cash Discount, Chain Discount, Charge-Off, Chip, Cleft, Collapse, Concession, Crack, Crack-Up, Crippling, Cut, Damage, Deduction, Depreciation, Destruction, Detriment, Dilapidation, Disablement, Discount, Disrepair, Drawback, Encroachment, Fissure, Fracture, Gap, Harm, Hobbling, Hurt, Hurting, Impairment, Incapacitation, Infringement, Injury, Inroad, Kickback, Loss, Maiming, Mayhem, Mischief, Mutilation, Penalty, Penalty Clause, Percentage, Premium, Price Reduction, Price-Cut, Rebate, Rebatement, Reduction, Refund, Rent, Rift, Rip, Rollback, Ruination, Ruinousness, Rupture, Sabotage, Salvage, Scale, Scathe, Setoff, Sickening, Slash, Slice, Slit, Splinter, Split, Spoiling, Tare, Tear, Time Discount, Trade Discount, Tret, Underselling, Weakening, Write-Off