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Breakdown Analysis, Analyzation, Anatomizing, Anatomy, Assay, Assaying, Bankruptcy, Bloodless Revolution, Bouleversement, Breakage, Breaking Down, Breaking Up, Breakup, Cataclysm, Catastrophe, Cave, Cave-In, Circulatory Collapse, Classification, Clean Slate, Clean Sweep, Collapse, Comedown, Computer Revolution, Convulsion, Counterrevolution, Crack-Up, Crackup, Crash, Crippling, Cropper, Damage, Debacle, Decomposition, Deflation, Destruction, Detailing, Detriment, Diaeresis, Dilapidation, Disablement, Disaster, Disrepair, Dissection, Distillation, Division, Docimasy, Downfall, Draining, Encroachment, Exhaustedness, Exhaustion, Failure, Fall, Foundering, Fractionation, Gravimetric Analysis, Harm, Hobbling, Hurt, Hurting, Impairment, Incapacitation, Infringement, Injury, Inroad, Itemization, Loss, Maiming, Mayhem, Mischief, Mutilation, Nervous Breakdown, Nervous Exhaustion, Nervous Prostration, Neurasthenia, Nose Dive, Overthrow, Overturn, Palace Revolution, Pratfall, Prostration, Proximate Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Radical Change, Reduction To Elements, Resolution, Review, Revolt, Revolution, Revolutionary War, Revulsion, Ruin, Ruination, Ruinousness, Run-Down, Sabotage, Scathe, Segmentation, Semimicroanalysis, Separation, Shipwreck, Sickening, Smash, Smashup, Spasm, Spoiling, Striking Alteration, Stumble, Subdivision, Subversion, Sweeping Change, Tabula Rasa, Tailspin, Technological Revolution, Total Change, Total Loss, Transilience, Tumble, Upset, Violent Change, Washout, Weakening, Wrack, Wreck