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Breath Aqua-Lung, A Breath, Afterdamp, Amaze, Anima, Anima Humana, Animating Force, Aroma, Artificial Respiration, Aspiration, Asthmatic Wheeze, Astonish, Astound, Atman, Ba, Bated Breath, Bathmism, Beating Heart, Biological Clock, Biorhythm, Bit, Blackdamp, Blood, Blow, Break, Breath Of Air, Breath Of Life, Breather, Breathing, Breathing Place, Breathing Space, Breathing Spell, Breathing Time, Breathy Voice, Breeze, Broken Wind, Brush, Buddhi, Capful Of Wind, Caress, Chokedamp, Cigarette Break, Cloud, Cocktail Hour, Coffee Break, Contact, Cough, Coup, Crack, Cutaneous Sense, Damp, Dash, Dazzle, Definite Odor, Detectable Odor, Divine Breath, Divine Spark, Downtime, Effluvium, Ego, Elan Vital, Emanation, Enforced Respite, Essence, Essence Of Life, Exhalation, Expiration, Exsufflation, Feel, Feeling, Fetid Air, Fingertip Caress, Firedamp, Flash, Flatus, Flavor, Flick, Fluid, Force Of Life, Fragrance, Fume, Gasp, Glance, Graze, Growth Force, Gulp, Gust, Hack, Half A Jiffy, Half A Mo, Half A Second, Half A Shake, Halt, Hand-Mindedness, Happy Hour, Heart, Heartbeat, Heartblood, Hiccup, Hint, Impulse Of Life, Indication, Inhalation, Inhalator, Inner Man, Inspiration, Inspiriting Force, Instant, Insufflation, Interlude, Intermission, Iron Lung, Jiff, Jiffy, Jiva, Jivatma, Khu, Kiss, Lambency, Lap, Letup, Lick, Life Breath, Life Cycle, Life Essence, Life Force, Life Principle, Life Process, Lifeblood, Light Touch, Little, Little Bit, Little Voice, Little While, Living Force, Low Voice, Lull, Malaria, Manes, Mephitis, Miasma, Microsecond, Millisecond, Mind, Minute, Moment, Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation, Mumble, Mumbling, Murmur, Murmuration, Murmuring, Mutter, Muttering, Nephesh, No Time, Odor, Oxygen Mask, Oxygen Tent, Pair Of Winks, Pant, Pause, Pneuma, Prana, Psyche, Puff, Puff Of Air, Puff Of Smoke, Puff Of Wind, Purusha, Recess, Redolence, Reek, Respiration, Respite, Rest, Ruach, Rub, Savor, Scent, Scuba, Seat Of Life, Sec, Second, Sense Of Touch, Shade, Shadow, Shake, Shock, Short Spell, Short Time, Sigh, Small Space, Smell, Smoke, Smudge, Sneeze, Sniff, Sniffle, Snore, Snoring, Snuff, Snuffle, Soft Voice, Soul, Soupcon, Span, Spark Of Life, Spell, Spirit, Spiritual Being, Spiritus, Split Second, Spoor, Spurt, Stage Whisper, Stagger, Startle, Stay, Steam, Stench, Sternutation, Stertor, Still Small Voice, Stir, Stir Of Air, Stirring, Streak, Stroke, Subtle Odor, Suggestion, Surcease, Surprise, Suspension, Suspicion, Suspiration, Susurration, Susurrus, Tactile Sense, Taction, Tap, Tea Break, Ten, Tentative Poke, The Self, Tick, Time Out, Touch, Trace, Trail, Trice, Twink, Twinkle, Twinkling, Twitch, Two Shakes, Underbreath, Undertone, Vapor, Vis Vitae, Vis Vitalis, Vital Energy, Vital Flame, Vital Fluid, Vital Force, Vital Principle, Vital Spark, Vital Spirit, Volatile, Waft, Water Vapor, Wheeze, Whiff, Whiffet, Whisper, Whispering, Wind, Wink, Zephyr