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Breed Accrue, Accumulate, Advance, Affiliation, Animal Kingdom, Apparentation, Appear, Appreciate, Apprentice, Arise, Author, Balloon, Be Gravid, Be Knocked Up, Be Pregnant, Be With Child, Bear, Beget, Birth, Bloat, Blood, Bloodline, Boom, Branch, Brand, Break, Break In, Breed True, Bring About, Bring Forth, Bring Into Being, Bring To Effect, Bring To Pass, Bring Up, Broaden, Brood, Call Into Being, Carry, Carry Young, Cast, Cause, Character, Children, Clan, Class, Coin, Color, Common Ancestry, Conceive, Concoct, Condition, Consanguinity, Contrive, Cook Up, Copulate, Cover, Create, Crescendo, Crossbreed, Cultivate, Culture, Deme, Denomination, Derivation, Descendants, Descent, Description, Design, Designation, Develop, Devise, Direct Line, Discipline, Discover, Distaff Side, Do, Dream Up, Drill, Effect, Effectuate, Engender, Establish, Evolve, Exercise, Extraction, Fabricate, Family, Farm, Father, Fatten, Feather, Feed, Female Line, Fetch Up, Filiation, Fit, Folk, Form, Foster, Found, Frame, Fruit, Gain, Gain Strength, Generate, Genre, Gens, Genus, Gestate, Get, Get Ahead, Get Up, Give Being To, Give Birth To, Give Occasion To, Give Origin To, Give Rise To, Go Up, Grain, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren, Groom, Grow, Hatch, Heirs, Hostages To Fortune, House, House-Train, Housebreak, Ilk, Improve, Improvise, Inaugurate, Inbreed, Increase, Incubate, Induce, Inheritors, Institute, Intensify, Invent, Issue, Keep, Kidney, Kids, Kin, Kind, Label, Lick Into Shape, Line, Line Of Descent, Lineage, Little Ones, Lot, Make, Make Do With, Make Love, Make Up, Male Line, Manner, Mark, Matriclan, Mature, Mint, Mold, Mother, Mount, Multiply, Muster Up, Nation, Nature, New Generation, Number, Nurse, Nurture, Occasion, Offspring, Order, Originate, Outbreed, Patriclan, People, Persuasion, Phratry, Phyle, Phylum, Plan, Plant Kingdom, Posterity, Practice, Prepare, Procreate, Produce, Progenerate, Progeny, Proliferate, Propagate, Put In Tune, Put To School, Race, Raise, Ranch, Ready, Realize, Rear, Rehearse, Reproduce, Reproduce In Kind, Rise, Rising Generation, Run, Run Up, Seed, Send To School, Sept, Set, Set Afloat, Set On Foot, Set Up, Shape, Shoot Up, Side, Sire, Sit, Snowball, Sons, Sort, Spawn, Spear Side, Species, Spindle Side, Spread, Stamp, Stem, Stirps, Stock, Strain, Strengthen, Strike Out, Stripe, Style, Succession, Swell, Sword Side, Take In Hand, The Like Of, The Likes Of, Think Out, Think Up, Totem, Train, Treasures, Tribe, Type, Variety, Wax, Widen, Work, Work Up, Younglings, Youngsters