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Bright Leibnizian, Saturnian, Adroit, Advanced, Agile, Aglow, Alert, Alight, Alive, Animate, Animated, Apt, Astute, Attentive, Auspicious, Awake, Balmy, Beaming, Bedazzling, Benign, Benignant, Blazing, Bleached, Blinding, Blithe, Blithesome, Blooming, Brainy, Brave, Bright And Shining, Bright And Sunny, Bright-Hued, Brilliant, Burning, Burnished, Cant, Charismatic, Cheerful, Cheery, Chiliastic, Clean, Cleanly, Clear, Clever, Cloudless, Colorful, Colory, Conceptive, Conceptual, Coruscating, Couleur De Rose, Dainty, Dazzling, Deep-Colored, Devastating, Dexter, Dexterous, Dirt-Free, Discursive, Distinguished, Divine, Docile, Educable, Effulgent, Elated, Eupeptic, Euphoric, Exalted, Exhilarated, Exotic, Exuberant, Facile, Fair, Fastidious, Favorable, Favoring, Flamboyant, Flaming, Flashing, Fluorescent, Flushed, Formable, Fortunate, Fresh, Fulgent, Fulgid, Full Of Promise, Garish, Gay, Gay-Colored, Genial, Gifted, Glad, Gladsome, Glamorous, Glaring, Glary, Gleaming, Glistening, Glittering, Glorious, Glossy, Glowing, Golden, Good, Gorgeous, Halcyon, Happy, Harmless, Heavenly, High, High-Colored, Hopeful, Ideational, Illuminated, Illustrious, Immaculate, Impressionable, In Good Spirits, In High Spirits, Incandescent, Ingenious, Instructable, Intellectual, Intelligent, Intense, Inviolate, Irrepressible, Keen, Keen-Witted, Killing, Knowing, Kosher, Lambent, Laughing, Light, Lighted, Lively, Lucent, Lucid, Lucky, Luminous, Lustrous, Magic, Magnificent, Malleable, Mild, Millenarian, Millennialistic, Mint, Moldable, Motivated, Nimble, Nimble-Witted, No Dumbbell, Noetic, Nonpolluted, Not Born Yesterday, Not So Dumb, Numinous, Of Cleanly Habits, Of Good Cheer, Of Good Omen, Of Happy Portent, Of Promise, On The, On The Alert, On The Ball, On The Job, Optimistic, Outstanding, Perfectibilitarian, Perfectionist, Plastic, Pleasant, Pliable, Polished, Precocious, Pristine, Promising, Prompt, Propitious, Prosperous, Pure, Qui Vive, Quick, Quick-Thinking, Quick-Witted, Radiant, Rational, Raving, Ravishing, Ready, Reasonable, Receptive, Refulgent, Resplendent, Riant, Rich, Rich-Colored, Ripe For Instruction, Ritually Pure, Rose-Colored, Roseate, Rosy, Sane, Sanguine, Sanguineous, Scatheless, Schoolable, Scintillating, Sensible, Sharp, Sharp-Witted, Shimmering, Shining, Shiny, Sleepless, Smart, Smiling, Smut-Free, Smutless, Sophic, Sparkling, Spirited, Splendent, Splendid, Splendorous, Splendrous, Spotless, Sprightly, Stainless, Steel-Trap, Strong-Minded, Stunning, Sublime, Sunny, Sunshiny, Susceptible, Sweet, Tahar, Talented, Teachable, Thirsty For Knowledge, Trainable, Tubbed, Unadulterated, Unbesmirched, Unblemished, Unblinking, Unblotted, Unbroken, Unbruised, Unclouded, Undamaged, Undefaced, Undefiled, Undeformed, Undemolished, Understanding, Undestroyed, Undimmed, Unfaded, Unharmed, Unhurt, Unimpaired, Uninjured, Unmaimed, Unmangled, Unmarked, Unmarred, Unmuddied, Unnodding, Unpolluted, Unscarred, Unscathed, Unscratched, Unshattered, Unsleeping, Unsmirched, Unsmudged, Unsoiled, Unspoiled, Unspotted, Unstained, Unsullied, Untainted, Untarnished, Untorn, Untouched, Unwinking, Unwithered, Unworn, Upbeat, Utopian, Virgin, Vivacious, Vivid, Wakeful, Well-Scrubbed, Well-Washed, White, Whitened, Wide-Awake, Willing, Winsome, Witty