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Brilliant Attic, Daedalian, Able, Accomplished, Adept, Adroit, Apt, Artistic, Authoritative, Beaming, Beautiful, Bedazzling, Biting, Blinding, Blooming, Brainy, Bravura, Bright, Bright And Shining, Bright-Hued, Brim, Brink, Burning, Celebrated, Charismatic, Clean, Clever, Colorful, Colory, Competent, Coordinated, Coruscating, Crack, Crackerjack, Creative, Cunning, Cute, Daedal, Dazzling, Deep-Colored, Deft, Devastating, Dexterous, Dextrous, Diplomatic, Discerning, Distinguished, Divine, Droll, Edge, Effulgent, Eminent, Enlightened, Erudite, Excellent, Exceptional, Exotic, Expert, Facetious, Famous, Fancy, Flamboyant, Flaming, Fringe, Fulgent, Fulgid, Funny, Garish, Gay, Gay-Colored, Gifted, Glamorous, Glaring, Glary, Glittering, Glorious, Glowing, Good, Goodish, Gorgeous, Graceful, Handy, Heavenly, Hem, High-Colored, Humorous, Humorsome, Illustrious, Imaginative, Incandescent, Ingenious, Intelligent, Intense, Jesting, Jocose, Jocular, Joking, Joky, Joshing, Keen, Keen-Witted, Killing, Knowing, Knowledgeable, Lambent, Learned, Lucent, Luminous, Lustrous, Magic, Magisterial, Magnificent, Margin, Masterful, Masterly, Mordant, Neat, Nimble, Nimble-Witted, No Dumbbell, No Mean, Not Born Yesterday, Noted, Numinous, Outstanding, Perimeter, Periphery, Pointed, Politic, Professional, Proficient, Prominent, Pungent, Quick, Quick-Thinking, Quick-Witted, Quite Some, Radiant, Rapier-Like, Raving, Ravishing, Ready, Refulgent, Remarkable, Renowned, Resourceful, Resplendent, Rich, Rich-Colored, Sage, Salt, Salty, Scintillating, Sharp, Sharp-Witted, Shining, Skillful, Skirt, Slick, Smart, Some, Sparkling, Splendent, Splendid, Splendorous, Splendrous, Sprightly, Statesmanlike, Steel-Trap, Striking, Stunning, Stylish, Sublime, Superb, Tactful, Talented, The Compleat, The Complete, Twinkling, Verge, Virtuoso, Vivid, Well-Done, Whimsical, Wise, Witty, Workmanlike