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Bring About About Ship, Accomplish, Achieve, Act, Author, Back And Fill, Be Productive, Bear, Bear Away, Bear Off, Bear To Starboard, Beat, Beat About, Beget, Box Off, Break, Breed, Bring Forth, Bring Into Being, Bring Off, Bring Round, Bring To Effect, Bring To Fruition, Bring To Pass, Call Forth, Call Up, Cant, Cant Round, Carry Into Execution, Carry Off, Carry Out, Carry Through, Cast, Cast About, Cause, Change Course, Change The Heading, Come About, Come Through With, Commit, Conceive, Create, Do, Do To, Double A Point, Effect, Effectuate, Elicit, Engender, Engineer, Establish, Evoke, Execute, Father, Fetch About, Found, Generate, Gestate, Get Through, Give Birth To, Give Occasion To, Give Origin To, Give Rise To, Go About, Go And Do, Gybe, Heave Round, Implement, Inaugurate, Industrialize, Inflict, Inspire, Institute, Jibe, Jibe All Standing, Make, Mass-Produce, Miss Stays, Muster Up, Occasion, Originate, Overproduce, Pay, Perform, Perpetrate, Ply, Produce, Prompt, Provoke, Pull Off, Put About, Put Across, Put Back, Put Over, Put Through, Realize, Render, Round A Point, Set Afloat, Set On Foot, Set Up, Sheer, Shift, Sire, Slew, Summon Up, Swerve, Swing Round, Swing The Stern, Tack, Take And Do, Throw About, Turn, Turn Back, Up And Do, Veer, Volume-Produce, Wear, Wear Ship, Wind, Work, Wreak, Yaw