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Bring Back Bring, Bring To, Bring To Mind, Call Back, Call For, Call To Mind, Call Up, Chase After, Conjure Up, Evoke, Extradite, Fetch, Fetch And Carry, Get, Give Back, Go After, Go And Get, Go Back, Go Back Over, Go Fetch, Go For, Go Get, Go To Get, Hark Back, Look Back, Mind, Obtain, Pick Up, Procure, Put Back, Reanimate, Recall, Recall To Life, Recall To Mind, Recapture, Recharge, Recollect, Recommit, Recruit, Reevoke, Reflect, Refresh, Regenerate, Reheat The Ashes, Reinspire, Rejuvenate, Rekindle, Relight, Remand, Remember, Remit, Renew, Repatriate, Restore, Resurrect, Resuscitate, Retrace, Retrieve, Retrospect, Return, Review, Review In Retrospect, Revitalize, Revive, Revivify, Rewarm, Run After, Secure, See In Retrospect, Send Back, Shag, Stir The Embers, Summon Up, Take Back, Think Back, Think Of, Use Hindsight, Warm Over, Warm Up