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Bring Down Abase, Abash, Acquire, Be Responsible For, Beat Down, Belittle, Blow Down, Blow Over, Blow To Pieces, Blow Up, Bowl Down, Bowl Over, Brain, Break Down, Bring Into Discredit, Bring Low, Bring On, Bring Upon, Bulldog, Bulldoze, Burn Down, Burn To Death, Cast Down, Chop Down, Contract, Crush, Cry Down, Cut Down, Cut To Pieces, Dash Down, Deal A Deathblow, Debase, Deck, Decry, Degrade, Demean, Depreciate, Derogate From, Detract From, Diminish, Disapprove Of, Discredit, Disgrace, Disintegrate, Disparage, Down, Drop, Dump, Dump On, Fall In With, Fall Into, Fell, Fetch Down, Flatten, Floor, Frag, Gain, Get, Give The Quietus, Ground, Gun Down, Hew Down, Hold In Contempt, Incinerate, Incur, Invite, Jugulate, Knock, Knock Down, Knock Over, Lapidate, Lay Level, Lay Low, Lay Out, Level, Lower, Make Little Of, Minimize, Mow Down, Pistol, Poleax, Precipitate, Prostrate, Pull Down, Put Down, Rase, Raze, Reduce, Reflect Discredit Upon, Riddle, Run, Run Down, Send Headlong, Set Down, Shoot, Shoot Down, Shoot To Death, Shotgun, Silence, Slight, Smash, Speak Ill Of, Spread-Eagle, Stab To Death, Steamroller, Stone, Stone To Death, Strike Dead, Submit To Indignity, Supinate, Take Down, Tear Down, Throw, Throw Down, Topple, Trip, Trip Up, Tumble, Vaporize, Welcome, Whack Down