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Bring Up Advance, Advert, Affront, Allude, Apprentice, Barf, Be Seasick, Be Sick, Brave, Break, Break In, Breast, Breed, Bring Before, Bring Forward, Bring Up Short, Broach, Cast, Cease Fire, Challenge, Christen, Chuck Up, Come Up Short, Commend To Attention, Condition, Confront, Confront With, Cultivate, Dare, Defy, Develop, Discipline, Disgorge, Draw Up, Drill, Educate, Egest, Encounter, Envisage, Establish, Exercise, Face, Face With, Feed, Feed The Fish, Fetch Up, Fit, Float, Form, Foster, Found, Front, Gag, Groom, Halt, Hang Fire, Haul Up, Heave, Heave The Gorge, House-Train, Housebreak, Improve, Inaugurate, Induct, Initiate, Install, Institute, Introduce, Keck, Launch, Lay Before, Lick Into Shape, Lift Up, Make A Motion, Meet, Meet Squarely, Moot, Move, Nourish, Nurse, Nurture, Offer A Resolution, Open Up, Place Before, Point Out, Pose, Postulate, Practice, Prefer, Prepare, Present To, Propose, Proposition, Propound, Provide For, Puke, Pull Up, Put Forth, Put Forward, Put In Tune, Put It To, Put To School, Raise, Ready, Rear, Recommend, Regurgitate, Rehearse, Reject, Retch, Ring In, Send To School, Set Agoing, Set Before, Set Forth, Set On Foot, Set Up, Sick Up, Spew, Stall, Start, Start Going, Start Up, Stem, Stick, Stop, Stop Dead, Stop Short, Submit, Suggest, Take In Hand, Throw Up, Train, Turn On, Upchuck, Usher In, Ventilate, Vomit