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Bristle Vandyke, Acuminate, Aggravate, Anger, Annoy, Arise, Arouse, Badger, Bait, Barb, Barbel, Be Alive, Be At, Be Keen, Beard, Beaver, Bedevil, Beset, Bite, Blow Up, Boil, Boil Over, Bother, Bramble, Bridle, Bridle Up, Brier, Bristle Up, Bristle With, Bristles, Brown Off, Bug, Bullyrag, Burn, Burn Up, Burr, Cactus, Capillament, Catchweed, Chafe, Chivy, Cilium, Cleavers, Coat, Cock Up, Corrugate, Crawl, Crinkle, Crumple, Cut, Devil, Discompose, Distemper, Disturb, Dog, Down, Embitter, Exasperate, Exercise, Fash, Flare Up, Fleece, Flip Out, Fret, Fume, Fur, Get, Get Mad, Get Sore, Get Up, Goatee, Goose Grass, Gripe, Hair, Harass, Harry, Have An Edge, Heckle, Hector, Horripilate, Horsehair, Hound, Huff, Imperial, Incense, Inflame, Irk, Irritate, Jump Up, Mane, Miff, Molest, Nag, Needle, Nettle, Nudzh, Peach Fuzz, Peeve, Pelt, Persecute, Pester, Pick On, Pile, Pine Needle, Pique, Plague, Pluck The Beard, Pother, Prick, Prickle, Provoke, Pubescence, Pubic Hair, Quill, Rage, Ramp, Rankle, Reach Boiling Point, Rear, Rear Up, Ride, Rile, Rise, Rise Up, Roil, Ruffle, Rumple, See Red, Seethe, Set On Edge, Set Up, Seta, Setula, Setule, Shag, Side Whiskers, Sit Bolt Upright, Sit Up, Spicule, Spiculum, Spike, Spikelet, Spine, Stand Up, Stick, Stick Up, Sticker, Sting, Stir The Blood, Stir Up, Striga, Stubble, Swarm, Tease, Teem, Thistle, Thorn, Torment, Try The Patience, Tuft, Tweak The Nose, Upheave, Uprear, Uprise, Vex, Whisker, Whiskers, Wool, Work Up, Worry, Wrinkle, Yucca