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Brittle Atrophied, Breakable, Brittle As Glass, Capricious, Changeable, Cheap-Jack, Cobwebby, Corruptible, Crackable, Crisp, Crispy, Crumbly, Crump, Crushable, Dainty, Deciduous, Delicate, Delicately Weak, Desiccated, Dried-Up, Dying, Effeminate, Emaciated, Ephemeral, Evanescent, Fading, Fickle, Fissile, Fleeting, Flimsy, Flitting, Fly-By-Night, Flying, Fracturable, Fragile, Frail, Frangible, Friable, Fugacious, Fugitive, Gimcrack, Gimcracky, Gossamery, Impermanent, Impetuous, Impulsive, Inconstant, Insecure, Insubstantial, Jerry, Jerry-Built, Lacerable, Light, Lightweight, Momentary, Mortal, Mutable, Namby-Pamby, Nondurable, Nonpermanent, Papery, Parchmenty, Passing, Pasteboardy, Perishable, Puny, Scissile, Sensitive, Sere, Shatterable, Shattery, Shivery, Short-Lived, Shriveled, Shrunken, Sissified, Sleazy, Slight, Splintery, Tacky, Temporal, Temporary, Transient, Transitive, Transitory, Undurable, Unenduring, Unstable, Unsubstantial, Volatile, Vulnerable, Wasted, Weak, Wilted, Wispy, Withered, Wizened, Womanish, Wrinkled