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Broach Advance, Air, Auger, Bite, Bleed, Blue, Bore, Bring Before, Bring Forward, Bring In, Bring Up, Chink, Christen, Cleave, Clip, Commend To Attention, Countersink, Crack, Crevasse, Cut, Cut Open, Decant, Dispart, Display, Divaricate, Divide, Divulge, Draft, Draft Off, Drain, Draw, Draw From, Draw Off, Drill, Empierce, Empty, Establish, Exhaust, Expansive, Extended, Fissure, Fix, Float, Fly Open, Found, Give Out, Gore, Gouge, Gouge Out, Hint At, Hole, Honeycomb, Impale, Inaugurate, Incise, Induct, Initiate, Install, Institute, Interject, Interpose, Introduce, Lance, Launch, Lay Before, Lay Open, Let, Let Blood, Let Out, Lift Up, Make A Motion, Make Known, Make Public, Mention, Milk, Moot, Move, Needle, Off-Color, Offer A Resolution, Ope, Open, Open Up, Part, Penetrate, Perforate, Phlebotomize, Pierce, Pin, Pink, Pipette, Pose, Postulate, Prefer, Prick, Propose, Proposition, Propound, Pump, Pump Out, Punch, Puncture, Purple, Put Forth, Put Forward, Put It To, Put Out, Racy, Raise, Ream, Ream Out, Recommend, Rent, Riddle, Rift, Ring In, Rip, Risque, Rive, Run Through, Salty, Scopic, Separate, Set Agoing, Set Before, Set Forth, Set On Foot, Set Up, Shady, Siphon Off, Skewer, Slit, Spear, Spicy, Spike, Spit, Split, Spread, Spread Out, Spring Open, Stab, Start, Start Going, Start Up, Stick, Submit, Suck, Suck Out, Suggest, Suggestive, Swing Open, Talk About, Tap, Tear, Tear Open, Throw Open, Touch On, Touch Upon, Transfix, Transpierce, Trepan, Trephine, Turn On, Usher In, Venesect, Ventilate, Wicked, Wide