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Broadcast Accessible, Advertise, Advertisement, Affirmed, Air, Airing, Announce, Announced, Announcement, Annunciate, Attenuation, Bandying, Beam, Bed, Bestrew, Blazon, Book, Broadcasting, Brought To Notice, Bruit About, Bruiting, Bruiting About, Canned Show, Circulated, Circulation, Circumfuse, Circumfusion, Commercial, Commercial Program, Common Knowledge, Common Property, Communicate, Convey, Current, Deal Out, Declared, Dibble, Diffract, Diffraction, Diffuse, Diffused, Diffusion, Dilution, Discrete, Dispensation, Dispense, Dispersal, Disperse, Dispersed, Dispersion, Display, Dispread, Disseminate, Disseminated, Dissemination, Dissipated, Dissipation, Distribute, Distributed, Distribution, Diverge, Divergence, Drill, Electrical Transcription, Evaporation, Evulgation, Expansion, Fan Out, Forest, Fragmentation, Get Across, Get Over, Give, Give Word, Hand On, Impart, Implant, In Circulation, In Print, Inseminate, Insemination, Issuance, Issue, Leave Word, Made Public, Make Known, Network Show, Newscast, Open, Overscatter, Oversow, Overspread, Pass, Pass Along, Pass On, Peppering, Periodical, Plant, Planting, Pot, Printing, Proclaim, Proclaimed, Proclamation, Promulgate, Promulgation, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Propagate, Propagated, Propagation, Public, Publication, Publish, Published, Publishing, Put In, Radiate, Radiation, Radio, Radio Fare, Radiobroadcast, Rebroadcast, Reforest, Reforestation, Relay, Render, Report, Reported, Rerun, Reset, Resetting, Retail, Retimber, Retimbering, Scatter, Scatter Seed, Scattered, Scattering, Scatterment, Seed, Seed Down, Seeding, Seminate, Semination, Send, Send Word, Serial, Set, Setting, Share, Share With, Shortwave, Shotgun Pattern, Show, Sign Off, Sign On, Signal, Soap Opera, Sound Effects, Sow, Sow Broadcast, Sowing, Sparse, Spattering, Splay, Sporadic, Sportscast, Spread, Spread Out, Spreading, Spreading Abroad, Sprinkling, Stated, Straggling, Straggly, Straw, Strew, Strewing, Strewn, Strown, Sustainer, Taped Program, Telecast, Telecasting, Televise, Televised, Tell, Transfer, Transmission, Transmit, Transplant, Transplantation, Utter, Ventilation, Volatilization, Widespread, Wireless