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Brother Greek, Abbacomes, Abbot, Acquaintance, Adjunct, Advocate, Affiliate, Ally, Alter Ego, Analogon, Analogue, Ascetic, Associate, Aunt, Auntie, Backer, Beadsman, Bedfellow, Belonger, Best Friend, Blood Brother, Bosom Friend, Brethren, Brother-In-Arms, Bub, Bubba, Bud, Buddy, Caloyer, Card-Carrier, Card-Carrying Member, Cardholder, Casual Acquaintance, Catechumen, Celibate, Cenobite, Charter Member, Chum, Church Member, Churchman, Churchwoman, Close Acquaintance, Close Copy, Close Friend, Close Match, Clubber, Clubman, Clubwoman, Coadjutor, Cognate, Cohort, Colleague, Committeeman, Communicant, Companion, Compatriot, Compeer, Complement, Comrade, Confederate, Confidant, Confidante, Confrere, Congenator, Congener, Consociate, Consort, Conventioneer, Conventioner, Conventionist, Conventual, Conventual Prior, Coordinate, Correlate, Correlative, Correspondent, Counterpart, Country Cousin, Cousin, Cousin Once Removed, Cousin Twice Removed, Crony, Daughter, Dues-Paying Member, Enlistee, Enrollee, Equivalent, Familiar, Father, Favorer, Fellow, Fellow Creature, Fellow Member, Fellowman, First Cousin, Foster Brother, Frater, Fraternity Man, Friar, Friend, Grand Prior, Grandnephew, Grandniece, Granduncle, Great-Aunt, Great-Uncle, Guildsman, Half Brother, Hermit, Hieromonach, Honorary Member, Image, Initiate, Inseparable Friend, Insider, Intimate, Joiner, Kid Brother, Kin, Kindred Spirit, Kinsman, Laic, Lay Abbot, Lay Brother, Lay Sister, Layman, Laywoman, Life Member, Like, Likeness, Lover, Mate, Member, Mendicant, Monastic, Monk, Mother, Near Duplicate, Neighbor, Nephew, Niece, Nuncle, Nunks, Nunky, Obverse, One Of Us, Other Self, Pal, Palmer, Parallel, Parishioner, Partisan, Pendant, Pickup, Picture, Pilgrim, Pillar Saint, Pillarist, Pledge, Prior, Reciprocal, Relation, Relative, Religieux, Religious, Repository, Second Cousin, Second Self, Secular, Sibling, Similitude, Simulacrum, Sis, Sissy, Sister, Sister-German, Sistern, Socius, Son, Sorority Girl, Sorority Woman, Soul Mate, Stepbrother, Stepsister, Stylite, Such, Suchlike, Supporter, Sympathizer, Tally, The Like Of, The Likes Of, Twin, Unc, Uncle, Uncs, Uterine Brother, Well-Wisher