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Brush Off Abandon, Beat Back, Broom, Brush, Brush Aside, Chase, Chase Away, Chase Off, Cold Shoulder, Cut, Dismiss, Dismissal, Drive Away, Drive Back, Drop The Subject, Fend Off, Forget, Forget About It, Forget It, Hold Off, Keep Off, Lay Aside, Let It Go, Let Slip, Pack Off, Push Aside, Push Back, Put Aside, Put Back, Rebuff, Refusal, Refuse, Repel, Repulse, Send Away, Send Off, Send Packing, Set Aside, Shrug Off, Sneeze At, Snub, Spurn, Spurning, Sweep, Sweep Out, Sweep Up, Think Nothing Of, Thrust Aside, Thrust Back, Turn Away From, Turn Back, Vacuum, Vacuum-Clean, Ward Off, Whisk