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Brusque Spartan, Abbreviated, Abridged, Abrupt, Aggressive, Aposiopestic, Artless, Bearish, Beastly, Bluff, Blunt, Brash, Brief, Broad, Candid, Cavalier, Churlish, Clipped, Close, Close-Tongued, Closemouthed, Compact, Compendious, Compressed, Concise, Condensed, Contracted, Crisp, Crusty, Curt, Cut, Direct, Discourteous, Docked, Downright, Dumb, Economical Of Words, Elliptic, Epigrammatic, Explicit, Forthright, Frank, Frankhearted, Free, Free-Speaking, Free-Spoken, Free-Tongued, Genuine, Gnomic, Gruff, Harsh, Heart-To-Heart, Ill-Mannered, Impolite, Indisposed To Talk, Ingenuous, Laconic, Mum, Mute, Open, Openhearted, Outspoken, Overbearing, Pithy, Plain, Plain-Spoken, Pointed, Pruned, Quiet, Reserved, Rough, Round, Rude, Sententious, Severe, Sharp, Short, Short And Sweet, Shortened, Silent, Sincere, Snippety, Snippy, Snug, Sparing Of Words, Speechless, Straight, Straight-Out, Straightforward, Succinct, Summary, Surly, Synopsized, Taciturn, Terse, Tight, Tight-Lipped, To The Point, Tongue-Tied, Transparent, Truculent, Truncated, Unchecked, Uncivil, Unconstrained, Unequivocal, Ungracious, Unguarded, Unloquacious, Unmannerly, Unreserved, Unrestrained, Untalkative, Word-Bound, Wordless