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Buck Beau Brummel, Belgian Hare, Cape Elk, Highland Fling, Virginia Deer, And Jump, Antagonize, Antelope, Assault, Battle, Bear, Bear Upon, Beat Against, Beat Up Against, Billy, Billy Goat, Bloke, Blood, Blunt, Boar, Bone, Boodle, Boost, Bounce, Bound, Boy, Brass, Bray, Bread, Breast The Wave, Broad Jump, Bub, Bubba, Bubbly-Jock, Buck Off, Buckjump, Bucks, Bud, Buddy, Buffet, Buffet The Waves, Bull, Bulldoze, Bullock, Bump, Bump Against, Bunny, Bunt, Butt, Butt Against, Cabbage, Camel, Camelopard, Capriole, Caribou, Chanticleer, Chap, Chips, Clear, Close With, Clotheshorse, Cock, Cockerel, Colt, Combat, Comminute, Compete With, Contend Against, Contest, Contriturate, Convey, Cottontail, Coxcomb, Cram, Crowd, Crush, Cub, Curvet, Dandy, Deer, Deerlet, Demivolt, Depose, Deracinate, Dig, Dinero, Dislodge, Dismount, Dispute, Doe, Doeling, Dog, Dough, Drake, Drive, Dromedary, Dude, Duel, Eland, Elbow, Elk, Entire, Entire Horse, Exquisite, Fallow Deer, Fawn, Fellow, Ferry, Fight, Fight Against, Fish, Fledgling, Flying Jump, Force, Frogskin, Galliard, Gander, Gazelle, Gee, Gelandesprung, Gelt, Gent, Gentleman, Gilt, Giraffe, Gnu, Goad, Goat, Gobbler, Grand Jete, Grapple With, Grease, Green, Green Stuff, Guy, Hand, Handspring, Hare, Hart, Hartebeest, He, He-Goat, High Jump, Hind, Hippety-Hop, Hobbledehoy, Hop, Horse, Hump, Hurdle, Hurtle, Hustle, Jab, Jack, Jackrabbit, Jam, Jete, Jig, Jog, Joggle, Join Battle With, Jolt, Jostle, Jump, Jump Over, Jump Shot, Jump Turn, Jump-Hop, Jump-Off, Kaama, Kale, Kid, Labor Against, Lad, Laddie, Lapin, Lavolta, Leap, Leap Over, Leapfrog, Leporide, Leveret, Long Jump, Lounge Lizard, Macaroni, Manchild, Master, Mazuma, Militate Against, Moolah, Moose, Mopus, Morris, Mountain Goat, Muchacho, Mule Deer, Musk Deer, Nanny, Nanny Goat, Negotiate, Nudge, Offer Resistance, Oil Of Palms, Ointment, Okapi, Oof, Ooftish, Oppose, Overjump, Overleap, Overskip, Pack, Peacock, Pile Drive, Poke, Pole Vault, Pounce, Pounce On, Pounce Upon, Powder, Press, Prod, Punch, Pup, Puppy, Push, Rabbit, Ram, Ram Down, Rattle, Reach, Red Deer, Reindeer, Reluct, Reluctate, Repel, Rhino, Rival, Rocks, Roe, Roe Deer, Roebuck, Rooster, Root Out, Root Up, Run, Run Against, Running Broad Jump, Running High Jump, Saut De Basque, Sawbuck, Sawhorse, Schoolboy, Shake, She-Goat, Shekels, Shoot, Shoulder, Shove, Simoleons, Ski Jump, Skin, Skip, Smacker, Sonny, Sonny Boy, Spondulics, Spring, Springbok, Stag, Stallion, Start, Start Aside, Start Up, Steeplechase, Steer, Stem The Tide, Stot, Stress, Strive Against, Struggle Against, Stud, Studhorse, Sugar, Take On, Tamp, The Needful, Throw Off, Thrust, Tin, Tom, Tom Turkey, Tomcat, Top Cow, Top Horse, Tote, Tour Jete, Transport, Traverse, Trestle, Trestle And Table, Trestle Board, Trestle Table, Trestlework, Trestling, Triturate, Tup, Turkey Gobbler, Turkey-Cock, Unhorse, Unplace, Unsaddle, Unseat, Updive, Upleap, Uproot, Upspring, Vault, Vie With, Wampum, Wether, Whelp, Wildebeest, Withstand, Workhorse, Young Man, Youth