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Budding Abecedarian, Aboriginal, Antenatal, Autochthonous, Beginning, Blooming, Blossoming, Burgeoning, Callow, Creative, Crescent, Developed, Dewy, Elemental, Elementary, Embryonic, Fetal, Florescent, Flourishing, Flowering, Formative, Foundational, Full-Fledged, Full-Grown, Fully Developed, Fundamental, Gestatory, Green, Growing, Grown, Grown-Up, Hypertrophied, Immature, Impubic, In Embryo, In Its Infancy, In The Bud, Inaugural, Inceptive, Inchoate, Inchoative, Incipient, Incunabular, Inexperienced, Infant, Infantile, Ingenuous, Initial, Initiative, Initiatory, Innocent, Intact, Introductory, Inventive, Juicy, Mature, Minor, Naive, Nascent, Natal, New-Fledged, Original, Overdeveloped, Overgrown, Parturient, Postnatal, Pregnant, Prenatal, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primeval, Primitive, Primogenial, Procreative, Raw, Ripening, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Sappy, Sprouting, Tender, Thriving, Unadult, Underage, Undeveloped, Unfledged, Unformed, Unlicked, Unmellowed, Unripe, Unseasoned, Ur, Vernal, Virginal