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Buff Leatherette, Leatheroid, Maecenas, Abettor, Adherent, Admirer, Advocate, Aficionado, Amateur, Angel, Apologist, Appendage, Applauder, Appreciator, Attendant, Attender, Audience, Aureate, Auric, Authority, Backer, Bareness, Beige, Birthday Suit, Booster, Buff-Yellow, Bug, Burnish, Canary, Canary-Yellow, Cavaliere Servente, Champion, Citron, Citron-Yellow, Claqueur, Coat, Collector, Commender, Connoisseur, Courtier, Crank, Cream, Creamy, Critic, Cuticle, Dangler, Decollete, Defender, Dependence, Dependent, Dermis, Devotee, Dilettante, Disciple, Dress, Ecdysiast, Ecru, Encomiast, Encourager, Endorser, Energumen, Enthusiast, Eulogist, Eulogizer, Expert, Exponent, Extoller, Fallow, Fan, Fanatic, Fanatico, Fancier, Favorer, Fell, Finish, Flaxen, Fleece, Flesh, Flunky, Follower, Following, Freak, Frequenter, Friend At Court, Fur, Furbish, Furring, Gilded, Gilt, Glance, Glaze, Gloss, Gold, Gold-Colored, Golden, Groupie, Gymnosophist, Gymnosophy, Habitue, Hanger-On, Haunter, Henchman, Hide, Homme De Cour, Hound, Idolater, Idolizer, Imitation Fur, Imitation Leather, Infatuate, Integument, Jacket, Lauder, Leather, Leather Paper, Leathern, Leathery, Lemon, Lemon-Yellow, Lover, Lunatic Fringe, Luster, Luteolous, Lutescent, Mainstay, Maintainer, Monomaniac, Nakedness, Naturism, Naturist, Not A Stitch, Nudism, Nudist, Nudity, Nut, Ocherish, Ocherous, Ochery, Ochreous, Ochroid, Ochrous, Ochry, Or, Outer Layer, Outer Skin, Panegyrist, Paranymph, Parasite, Partisan, Patron, Pelt, Peltry, Plugger, Polish, Praiser, Primrose, Primrose-Colored, Primrose-Yellow, Promoter, Protagonist, Public, Puffer, Pundit, Pursuer, Pursuivant, Rawhide, Reliance, Rind, Rooter, Rub, Rub Up, Saffron, Saffron-Colored, Saffron-Yellow, Sallow, Sand, Sand-Colored, Sandblast, Sandpaper, Sandy, Satellite, Savant, Scholar, Scour, Second, Seconder, Sectary, Shadow, Sheath, Shine, Sider, Skin, Skins, Sleek, Slick, Slick Down, Smooth, Specialist, Spectator, Sponsor, Stalwart, Standby, State Of Nature, Stooge, Straw, Straw-Colored, Stripper, Stripteaser, Successor, Support, Supporter, Sustainer, Sympathizer, Tagtail, Tail, Technical Expert, Technician, Tegument, The Altogether, The Nude, The Raw, Theatergoer, Toplessness, Tout, Touter, Trainbearer, Upholder, Vair, Varnish, Visitor, Votary, Ward Heeler, Wax, Well-Wisher, Worshiper, Xanthic, Xanthous, Yellow, Yellowish, Zealot