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Bulging Sro, Bagging, Baggy, Ballooning, Bellied, Bellying, Bellylike, Billowing, Billowy, Bloated, Bosomy, Brimful, Brimming, Bulbose, Bulbous, Bumped, Bumpy, Bunched, Bunchy, Bursting, Capacity, Chock-Full, Chuck-Full, Congested, Convex, Cram-Full, Crammed, Distended, Farci, Filled, Flush, Full, Full To Bursting, Hillocky, Hummocky, Jam-Packed, Moutonnee, Overfull, Overstuffed, Packed, Packed Like Sardines, Plenary, Pneumatic, Potbellied, Pouching, Ready To Burst, Replete, Rotund, Round, Rounded, Rounded Out, Satiated, Saturated, Soaked, Standing Room Only, Stuffed, Surfeited, Swelling, Swollen, Topful, Verrucated, Verrucose, Warty