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Bullshit Babble, Balderdash, Balls, Baloney, Big Talk, Bilge, Blabber, Blague, Blah, Blah-Blah, Blather, Bop, Bosh, Bull, Bunk, Bunkum, Claptrap, Crap, Drivel, Drool, Eyewash, Fancy Talk, Fine Talk, Fish Story, Flam, Flapdoodle, Flimflam, Gabble, Gammon, Gas, Gibber, Gibble-Gabble, Guff, Gup, Highfalutin, Highfaluting, Hogwash, Hoke, Hokum, Hooey, Hot Air, Humbug, Humbuggery, Jabber, Jiggery-Pokery, Malarkey, Moonshine, Piffle, Poppycock, Prate, Prattle, Rattle, Rot, Scat, Shit, Talk Nonsense, Tall Story, Tall Talk, Tommyrot, Tripe, Twaddle, Twattle, Vapor, Waffle, Wind