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Bully Antaeus, Atlas, Briareus, Brobdingnagian, Charles Atlas, Cyclops, Goliath, Hercules, Herod, Ok, Polyphemus, Samson, Superman, Tarzan, Titan, Ace-High, Admirable, Annoyer, Awe, Bad, Badgerer, Bang-Up, Battler, Beat Down, Beef, Beef Extract, Beef Tea, Belligerent, Belted Knight, Bickerer, Blackjack, Blade, Blatherskite, Bludgeon, Bluff, Bluffer, Bluster, Bluster And Bluff, Bluster Out Of, Blusterer, Bonzer, Boss, Bouillon, Bounce, Brag, Braggart, Bravo, Brawler, Break, Browbeat, Browbeater, Bucko, Bulldoze, Bulldozer, Bully Beef, Bullyboy, Bullyrag, But Good, Cadet, Capital, Castrate, Champion, Charqui, Chipped Beef, Clamp Down On, Coerce, Colossus, Combatant, Compel, Competitor, Contender, Contestant, Cool, Corking, Cow, Crackerjack, Cutthroat, Dandy, Daunt, Delicious, Demoralize, Desperado, Despotize, Devil, Disputant, Domineer, Domineer Over, Dragoon, Dried Beef, Ducky, Duelist, Enforcer, Enslave, Fab, Famous, Fancy Man, Fanfaron, Fencer, Feuder, Fighter, Fighting Cock, Fine, Fine And Dandy, First-Rate, Foilsman, Gamecock, Gasconade, Gear, Giant, Gladiator, Goon, Gorilla, Great, Grind, Grind Down, Groovy, Ground Beef, Gunman, Hamburger, Harass, Harasser, Harrier, Hatchet Man, Heavy, Heckler, Hector, Hectorer, Hell-Raiser, Hellcat, Henpeck, Hijack, Hood, Hoodlum, Hooligan, Hot, Huff, Hunky-Dory, Intimidate, Intimidator, Jam-Up, Jerky, Jolly, Jouster, Just Dandy, Keen, Keep Down, Keep Under, Killer, Knight, Lord It Over, Mad Dog, Marvy, Mean, Menace, Militant, Muscle Man, Nag, Neat, Nifty, Nobby, Nudnik, Nudzh, Okay, Oppress, Out Of Sight, Out-Herod Herod, Overawe, Overbear, Overmaster, Override, Pander, Pastrami, Peachy, Peachy-Keen, Persecute, Persecutor, Pest, Pesterer, Plaguer, Plug-Ugly, Powerhouse, Press Heavy On, Push Around, Quarreler, Rage, Rant, Ranter, Rave, Raver, Repress, Ride Over, Ride Roughshod Over, Rioter, Ripping, Rival, Roast Beef, Roister, Roisterer, Rollick, Rough, Rowdy, Ruffian, Rum, Sabreur, Sadist, Salt Beef, Scrapper, Scrumptious, Scuffler, Shanghai, Slang, Slap-Up, Smashing, Solid, Something Else, Spiffing, Spiffy, Splutter, Sputter, Squabbler, Stalwart, Steamroller, Storm, Strong Arm, Strong Man, Strong-Arm, Strong-Arm Man, Strong-Armer, Struggler, Stunning, Subjugate, Suet, Superior, Suppress, Swagger, Swaggerer, Swashbuckle, Swashbuckler, Swasher, Swell, Sword, Swordplayer, Swordsman, Systematically Terrorize, Tease, Teaser, Terrorize, The Mighty, The Strong, Threaten, Thug, Tilter, Torment, Tormentor, Torture, Tough, Tough Guy, Tower Of Strength, Trample Down, Trample Upon, Tread Down, Tread Upon, Tussler, Tyrannize, Tyrannize Over, Tyrant, Unman, Use Violence, Vapor, Vaporer, Walk All Over, Walk Over, Weigh Heavy On, Wizard, Worthy, Wrangler