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Bumpy Bagging, Baggy, Ballooning, Bellying, Billowing, Billowy, Bloated, Bosomy, Bouncy, Broken, Bulbose, Bulbous, Bulging, Bumped, Bunched, Bunchy, Choppy, Coarse, Coarse-Grained, Corrugated, Cross-Grained, Distended, Grainy, Granulated, Hillocky, Homespun, Horripilant, Hummocky, Inequal, Irregular, Jarring, Jerky, Jogglety, Joggling, Joggly, Jolting, Jolty, Knobbly, Knobby, Linsey-Woolsey, Lumpy, Moutonnee, Pimply, Pitted, Pneumatic, Pocky, Potbellied, Potholed, Pouching, Rank, Ripply, Rough, Rough-Cast, Rough-Grained, Rough-Hewn, Rounded, Ruffled, Rutted, Rutty, Shagged, Shaggy, Swelling, Textured, Uneven, Unkempt, Unlevel, Unpolished, Unrefined, Unsmooth, Ununiform, Verrucated, Verrucose, Warty, Wimpled